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Kiss 40 Year Anniversary: Decades of Decibles
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KISS, the iconic rockers, are celebrating their 40th anniversary and impending Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame induction - they want YOU to come up with the big idea for how they should do it in style.
KISS! The name itself summons images of painted faces and sounds of iconic rock anthems. You might think that a band as legendary and successful as KISS has been over the last 40 years has already seen and done it all. Sure, they've sold over 100 million albums worldwide, own an arena football team, and pop up in countless other places like Dr. Pepper or John Varvatos ads. But KISS is confident that YOU can come up with a big idea for how they should ring in their 40th anniversary in a truly original way.
This one is wide open. We're giving you 500 characters to set your imagination and creativity loose coming up with the biggest, most epic celebration possible. Whether it's a live event, mobile app or game, narrative content - or something else totally out of left field - surprise us. It would be extra epic if your big idea featured a compelling brand partnership.
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