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1. Businesses sign up for a Tongal subscription, which provides unlimited, managed access to our web-based workflow tools and creative community.
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2. When businesses have a creative need, we translate it into a community-facing brief for our platform. Think: Develop YouTube series, podcasts, Instagram ads, feature-length documentaries... you name it.
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3. Community members are notified when briefs go live and pitch businesses their creative vision — submitting treatments, storyboards, past work, pitch videos and more.
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4. The community's pitches are curated against the original creative brief and brand goals, and shortlisted by our system to help businesses decide which filmmakers to green light.
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5. Greenlit creators get funding and get to work.
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Star Wars Recap and Revisions Stills Filming a video with a camera and sound equipment
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6. Pre-production, production and review are managed by our platform, where business stakeholders are able to review storyboards, locations and cuts, and leave feedback throughout. The Tongal platform clears all releases, manages payments, and stores final deliverables for easy download.
That's how it's done. Now, let's get started.
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