How Tongal Works
1. We collaborate with businesses year round to create awesome video content for every channel.
2. When you have a creative need, we turn it into a community-facing brief for our platform.
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3. Community members are notified when briefs go live and they get to work building out pitches that illustrate their creative vision — submitting treatments, storyboards, past work, pitch videos, and more.
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Kevin Ulrich's pitch
4. We curate the pitches based on your brief and help you decide which filmmakers to greenlight.
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Kevin Ulrich pitch
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Kevin Ulrich Pitch
5. When pitches are greenlit, filmmakers get funding. Pre-production rolls into production, where filmmakers deliver rough cuts and make revisions based on business feedback.
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6. Final files are shipped off for delivery so you can distribute your cool new content.
That's how it's done. Now, let's get started.
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