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Do brands see every pitch?

posted by FourPoint Media at 6:20PM Feb 24, 2015

Do brands see every pitch that is submitted to their project or does Tongal serve as a curator and present the brand with a number of Pitches of their choosing? I'm curious and I know this is going to sound like sour grapes but we at Fourpoint Media find it pretty implausible that not a single one of the many pitches we've submitted have received any sort of consideration. Almost every project sees at least one familiar face receive one of the coveted pitch slots. While this is great for them, and I know many of them have the work record to back up their position we can't help but wonder if brands are nudged towards choosing some of these "preferred" members. Personally, I started contributing and competing on Tongal years back when things were just getting started. It was a great opportunity and I did well on a number of projects, and I am happy to see the people and companies that have stuck with it through the years have seen their profiles rise but, (sorry grapes again here) it feels a little like we have been black listed.

  • Izzy Francke

    Izzy Francke

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