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Current Phase:
- Concept
- Concept Voting
- Pitch
- Production
The Camera
Presenting the groundbreaking Nokia OZO VR Camera. That's VR as in virtual reality. That's right—the stuff mentioned in every sci-fi movie ever. The OZO lets you record real life and experience it again later via a VR headset. It works just like a movie camera—except it captures visuals and sound in 360, capturing true presence. Trust us on this, when you see a VR film shot on the OZO, you'll forget where you are, but feel like you're there.
The Goal
Nokia wants your help defining what's possible in the new medium and leave any hangups to linear storytelling at the door. So tell us your Concepts for some amazing and immersive VR short films. Horror, romance, education, adventure, time capsule, combine them all...whatever! Any story that takes advantage of this new medium and shows us something we haven't seen before.

Nokia will give two filmmakers access to the OZO Camera to bring the winning Concepts to life. And here's the best part: the First Place Video Winner will get to keep their very own OZO!
How it Works
The competition will be broken into six phases:

PHASE 1 - CONCEPT (open to anyone): Submit up to FIVE Concepts for a mind-blowing narrative VR short film.

PHASE 2 - CONCEPT VOTING (open to anyone): Come back to vote on the top ten Semi-Finalists' Concepts to help determine the TWO winning Concepts.

PHASE 3 - PITCH (open to all filmmakers): Filmmakers will pitch for a chance to make a VR short film and receive a production budget.

PHASE 4 - PRODUCTION (open to the two pitch winners): The two filmmakers will each produce an awesome VR short and the Grand Prize Winner will receive their very own OZO VR Camera!
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