Kiva U Works in the Classroom

We are living proof Kiva U works!

Kiva U Works in the Classroom

  • Judy Cockram

    Judy Cockram

    Love it :)

  • Faith Coblentz

    Faith Coblentz

    i luv this video!!!!!!!! #best teacher ever!!!

  • Nikki Lauer

    Nikki Lauer

    Great job! It's wonderful to see young people enthusiastic about helping others. What a great way to positively impact so many!

  • Mary-Anne Lomas

    Mary-Anne Lomas

    Perfect! What a great opportunity to demonstrate a helping hand, rather than a handout.This is a valuable life lesson, you are inspiring a generation of 'solutionaires' to go out there and change the world. I'm a teacher too and once I have a class of my own, I will be doing the exact same thing!

  • Tyler Flynn

    Tyler Flynn

    I really like this video, good job Mr. Smith!

  • Sophia Dagher

    Sophia Dagher

    Great job!

    Does anyone else understand how voting works? Do you just vote by clicking the *Star by the video on the main page?

  • Josh Diffenbach

    Josh Diffenbach

    Great job creating the video, and more impressively teaching students that they have the power to make a difference! Just Awesome.

  • Alayna Henry

    Alayna Henry

    Mr. Smith
    Thank you for doing this and showing me i can help everybody everywhere.

  • Tim Leister

    Tim Leister

    Working with Dave, I know his students will make a big difference to end world poverty through Kiva.

  • John Wallace

    John Wallace

    Wow! Gutsy, intelligent. Will appeal to those who want to make a difference - and they're the ones whose attention we want, right?
    Might lose some in the speed and verbage of the message - less here might be more.

  • Sam Bateman

    Sam Bateman

    Kiva U is AWESOME!

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