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We make playlists and mix-tapes for people we love (or want to love); agonize over the songs that will play first, or last, at our wedding; we remember what was on the radio just before our first kiss or during the best dance party of the summer; and most of us remember kicking back at some time or another in exactly the right mood to blast tunes and hear what STEREO really means…. 


And there are other stories– unanticipated, uncategorized, and often as not, unknown to anyone else – secrets we keep to ourselves: joy, humor, sorrow, and craziness (sometimes all of the above) woven so deeply with a certain song that we can’t even imagine them anymore without.


We know you have these stories.  And we know your love for your song is a great Story – a beautiful, magical thing.


Now, Spotify wants you to share the STORY OF YOUR SONG and what it means to you and your life.  Tell us how and when it became yours.  Your Story could become one that gets chosen to help Spotify share the joy of sharing music and the connections we all have with it.


And here’s where it gets really interesting: filmmakers will have the opportunity to bring the selected song Stories to life in the most creative way possible. The style and structure of the final Videos are completely open. Think live-action, animated, stop-motion and everything in between! Just find the best, funniest, sweetest, saddest, wildest, most creative and most compelling way to tell the Story of Your Song.



What you need to know:


  • You WON’T be able to play the actual song in the Video, so think about how you’re going to bring the STORY to life, not the actual song.
  • Your Story should be true and authentic - think about why this song is uniquely yours.
  • Payment for a win in the Story phase is contingent on your completion of the Winner’s Affidavit, the IP Assignment, and any necessary cooperation with the winning filmmaker selected to bring your Story to life in the subsequent Pitch Phase.
  • If you win in the Pitch Phase and CHOOSE to feature a Story winner in your Video, you will be required to make your own travel arrangements to film the Story winner from the previous phase. You are NOT required to feature the Story winner in your Video.
  • In addition to Pitches based on one of the winning Stories, we will also be accepting Pitches that are NOT based on any of the winning Stories - also known as WILDCARD PITCHES. To submit a Wildcard Pitch, select "Wildcard" from the Base Story list instead of one of the winning Stories during the pitch phase. 



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