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Hey all you aspiring HGTV interior designers, here’s your opportunity to put your creative eye to the test, and give your apartment (or house) some therapy in the process. But before you bust out your tape measures and swatches, first acquaint yourself with America’s Most Recommended Brand for new blinds and shades...


At first glance, maybe you’re wowed by their price or exhilarated by their pretty pictures. Well here are some even better reasons why you should choose Select Blinds:

  • Select Blinds will OVERNIGHT you samples.
  • AND if you don’t like your order, they provide No Hassle Returns!


So, savvy Tongal stylists, you know design matters. That’s why Select Blinds needs YOUR help to create Videos that are really fun and:


INFORM consumers in a clever and fun way that Select Blinds is the best way to buy new blinds –

  • Select Blinds is the most trusted, quality-focused, affordable and stylish brand for buying blinds.
  • Let people know that with their satisfaction guarantee, Select Blinds is the quick and trusted brand that is on your side when you buy.


INSPIRE homeowners with your creativity –

  • Showcase their decorative blinds in a stylish way (that would make your friends want to pin it!)
  • Show how great blinds can really transform a room / tie it all together / make it pop.
  • Position Select Blinds as a lifestyle brand.


Have fun with it! Get creative! Take chances! Make viewers want to click on to find their next great blinds… also a few “Likes” and “Shares” for your Video wouldn’t hurt either ;)



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