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You know it happens.  Tracks get archived in the vaults, shelved for another day.  Even tracks by the giants... even giants like The Beach Boys. 

What hardly ever happens though, is you getting a chance to PLAY ON THEM.

But, that’s exactly what’s happening now.    

Together with Capitol Records, Fender and The Beach Boys, we’re giving you the chance to be a part of rock and roll history. 

A newly uncovered track from The Beach Boys archives, “Goin’ To The Beach,” (which will be included on their upcoming box set, Made In California), was originally recorded without a lead guitar track in 1979 during sessions for “Keepin’ The Summer Alive.” 

Now, The Beach Boys would like to hear YOU play on this track…

Even if you were playing along on a tennis racket when The Beach Boys were crafting their trademark surf sound, now’s your chance to reach back and join-in with one of the greatest groups America has ever produced.  The completed song with your guitar track & solo will be made available as an alternate take, via The Beach Boys’ online outlets. (And who knows, you might just end up on the cover of Rolling Stone.)

In addition to the thrill of playing on a real Beach Boys track, there’s also a custom, “Made In California” Stratocaster and a VIP prize pack from Fender and Capitol in the mix for the grand prize winner. Who will determine the winner?  The Beach Boys themselves and Capitol Records, that’s who.

Frankly, we’re speechless with excitement too. But we’ll gather our wits here and tell you how to make your submission.

You’ll find an .mp3 and .aif for “Goin’ To The Beach” in the ASSETS section for this project. 

About Fender®-- Fender is the world’s leading guitar and musical instrument amplifier brand and a name that is synonymous with popular music since its inception in Southern California in 1946, thanks in part to the Beach Boys who have played Fender instruments since 1961. Fender instruments, such as the Telecaster®, Precision Bass®, Stratocaster® and Jazz Bass® guitars, and Bassman®, Twin Reverb® and Deluxe Reverb® amplifiers, are known worldwide as the instruments that started the rock ‘n’ roll revolution, and they continue to be highly prized by today’s musicians and collectors alike. For more information, visit


The Beach Boys & Fender®-- Back in the day when Fender was merely one of many musical instrument companies working to gain a foothold in the newly-emerging world of rock 'n' roll music, The Beach Boys were one of the very few American groups to achieve international acclaim. They were it, with a string of evocative hits that played constantly on the radios, TV's, bandstands and concert stages of the world... surf, sun, striped shirts and white jeans...soaring harmonies that sounded like one multi-throated voice... bikinis, the beach and hot rods....this was the vision that The Beach Boys put forth.  Along for the ride, and immediately recognizable as the tools of the trade for these ambassadors of the Southern California teen dream, a stunning matched set of Fender Olympic White instruments of mass hypnosis:  Brian Wilson's Precision Bass, Al Jardine's Stratocaster, Carl Wilson's Jaguar.  Behind them, the Fender wall of dreams: two blonde Dual Showman amps, a Bassman amp and blonde outboard reverb units; this was the cover of the best-selling live album of the day, Beach Boys Concert. Throughout their long and notable career — The Beach Boys were never seen without their pristine arsenal of Fender gear, and are forever linked to Fender by great sounds, beautiful music and that eternal So-Cal dream.


Awarded Solos
Prizes Provided by Fender and Capitol
Video «Goin to the Beach - Bobby Guitar Porembski» by Robert Porembski
Goin to the Beach - Bobby Guitar Porembski
Prizes Provided by Fender and Capitol
Video «Steve Dodd solo» by Steve Dodd
Steve Dodd solo
Prizes Provided by Fender and Capitol
Video «Danny Thompson» by Danny Thompson
Danny Thompson
Prizes Provided by Fender and Capitol
Video «Antonello Pudva GTTBeach Solo» by Antonello Pudva
Antonello Pudva GTTBeach Solo
Prizes Provided by Fender and Capitol
Video «Goin To The Beach solo by David Moorhead» by David Moorhead
Goin To The Beach solo by David Moorhead
Prizes Provided by Fender and Capitol
Video «Matthew Davidson - Beach Boys Fender Contest» by Matthew Davidson
Matthew Davidson - Beach Boys Fender Contest
Prizes Provided by Fender and Capitol
Video «RF Melodic Solo» by Randy Feifer
RF Melodic Solo
Prizes Provided by Fender and Capitol
Video «Goin To the Beach - Jack Blackman entry» by Jack Blackman
Goin To the Beach - Jack Blackman entry
Prizes Provided by Fender and Capitol
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