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The turkey’s in the oven. The big parade’s on the TV. And the smell of freshly cooked latkes is wafting from the kitchen. That can only mean one thing: Thanksgivukah is finally here! That special time when families gather around the warm glow of the menorah to give thanks as they nosh on pumpkin pie. That delightful day when old friends settle down to watch football after a lively game of spin the dreidel.


You know! Thanksgivukah? This year, Thanksgiving falls on the first day of Chanukah: Thanksgiving + Chanukah = Thanksgivukah. It’s a rare treat – the holidays won’t align like this for another 77,000 years, oy! It’s like some kind of Judeo Halley’s Comet. So don’t miss this chance to celebrate! Kick back with some kugel and stuffing while the President makes a spiel about pardoning the turkey. This November 28th is all about good friends, loving family and great food.


So when you’ve got the whole mishpocha over, be a mensch and treat them to a delicious kosher meal, brought to you by Manischewitz – the official sponsor of Thanksgivukah! For over 100 years, Manischewitz has been cooking up delicious kosher food - they’re the largest baker of matzo in the entire world. They’ve created this amazing new holiday to bring families and friends together for some great memories and some tasty food.


Thanksgivukah is a once in a lifetime event and Manischewitz wants to make sure no one misses it. They need you to get the word out and let folks know there’s a new holiday in town. They want your fun and hilarious videos to show people what Thanksgivukah is all about.



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The Ultimate Reason To Grab The Manischewitz
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