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Congratulations are in order for you, citizens of the Tongal creative community. The world has taken notice of the outstanding work that you have done across hundreds of projects, and the doors have opened for us to do something together unlike anything we’ve ever done before.

Let us lay it out for you: AT LEAST one filmmaker is going to get their feature-length documentary green lit and have Spitfire Pictures as their producing partner – all the way through the completion of production and (hopefully) through procurement of a distribution deal, bringing your masterpiece(s) to the masses...and earning you a share in the profits.

Yeah, this is once-in-a-lifetime type stuff. Here’s how it came to pass:

Back in 2009, Tongal started out by providing talented people the opportunity to create short-form branded content – to be judged purely on merit alone, whether you were in Silver Lake or Selangor, with or without a film degree. To us, your last name didn’t have to be Spielberg or DeLaurentis, we chose to be in business with you, because we knew you could deliver. 

And we've always believed in the power of great stories, whether tales of LEGO Super-Heroism or over-the-top stress-sweat anecdotes. We’ve seen you rise to the occasion repeatedly to find those stories and make them come alive.  This was work that was once solely the provenance of the Madison Avenue establishment, but we believed in your ability to write your own story. And lo and behold – you have.

You’ve empowered us to partner with Spitfire Pictures – the producing powerhouse behind the 2012 Academy Award-winning documentary feature Undefeated. You may also know them as producers of renowned music films: Martin Scorsese’s documentary No Direction Home: Bob Dylan; the Grammy-winning Foo Fighters: Back and Forth; and the Emmy Award-winning George Harrison: Living in the Material World (another one by that Scorsese guy). AND NOW SPITFIRE IS GOING TO HELP AT LEAST ONE (PERHAPS TWO!) OF OUR TONGAL COMMUNITY MEMBERS TO PRODUCE A FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARY! are we gonna pull this off?

You got it: together!


For specific questions, please refer to the Project Spitfire FAQ.


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