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In case you’ve been living under a brick somewhere, LEGO® is coming to the big screen this February. The LEGO® Movie just released its newest minifig-packed trailer today. Pretty great, huh? Think you can do better? Then this is the project for you.


LEGO® wants you to swede their new trailer and make it even more hysterical. No, that doesn’t mean replace the all the LEGO® characters with tall blondes (but it could). Sweding means to remake a video with whatever tools you have at your disposal – however limited they may be. What you lack in resources, you make up for in imagination. For example, check out this awesome Pacific Rim swede.


Show us your funny and inventive takes on The LEGO® Movie’s newest movie trailer. Remake it however you want: stop-motion, CGI, even live action. Think your best friend is funnier than Will Ferrell? Throw him in there! We don’t care if your trailer’s better than the original. We just want it to be different. 



Awarded Videos
Video «Cardboard Swede for the LEGO MOVIE TRAILER» by Ryan Riffle
Cardboard Swede for the LEGO MOVIE TRAILER
Video «LEGO Trailer 2» by Jonason Pauley
LEGO Trailer 2
Video «The Lego Movie Sweded» by Ike Mauga
The Lego Movie Sweded
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