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$25 doesn’t go a long way these days. It’s an amount of money that many people in the US don’t often think twice about spending, but could be impacting someone’s life in a developing country in a profoundly positive way.


Kiva is a non-profit organization fighting against global poverty by giving small loans -– starting at $25 -- to entrepreneurs around the world who don't have access to traditional banking systems. Through these loans, entrepreneurs are able to create opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities by building up their small businesses.  


In partnership with Citi, Kiva is launching Kiva U: A virtual community, which harnesses the energy, passion and creativity of students and educators to address the world’s critical problems through microfinance. By connecting and mobilizing microfinance clubs at high schools and colleges across the country, and providing access to free microfinance learning tools and resources, Kiva U will empower students and educators to become informed and effective agents of change.


Kiva U is turning to the Tongal community to help spread the word about micro-loans and how youth can change the world through microfinance. This time, Kiva wants Tongal members along with students, educators, filmmakers, and Kiva supporters to create more dialogue about the power of their loans no matter how big or small.


So submit your Ideas, Pitches and Videos and help Kiva make a difference! You can also submit your Kiva U Ideas through Twitter using the hashtag #KivaU.


Bonus Community Engagement Awards:

Here’s your chance to be rewarded for growing your Kiva U team! The FIVE individuals (one per team) who successfully invite and recruit the most new members to their Kiva U lending team during the program launch period (August 27, 2013 - October 7, 2013) will each win a $300 Kiva Card (for a total of $1,500), which they can use to make loans on and then withdraw as cash or keep loaning after the first loans are repaid. The winning invitations must result in a new or existing Kiva User accepting your invitation to join a Kiva U team. Just click the "Recruit Friends" button on your team's page to get started!



Awarded Ideas
Awarded Pitches
Awarded Videos
Video «An Eternal Impact» by David Crowther
An Eternal Impact
We are living proof Kiva U works!
Video «Kiva U Works in the Classroom» by David Smith
Kiva U Works in the Classroom
We are living proof Kiva U works!
Video «You Dont Have to Be Big to Make a Big Difference» by Sophia Dagher
You Dont Have to Be Big to Make a Big Difference
Video «Just Ask Tim» by Beautimus Prod.
Just Ask Tim
Video «Full Circle» by Michael Newman
Full Circle
Money Trail: Brew Up Success
Project Forum
Project Team