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That very first, ethereal, five-part harmony was first heard sometime in the early 60s at 3701 W 119th Street in Hawthorne, about 5 miles from the Pacific.  In that instant, Wilson brothers Brian, Carl, and Dennis, cousin Mike Love, and high school pal Al Jardine – produced the sound that would remap the music world forever...


Their early hits merged Brian’s fascination with 50s vocal acts like the Four Freshman, Carl's love for rock and roll, Mike's love for doo-wop and R&B, and Al Jardine's love of folk music, with Dennis’ love for surfing, and the hot-rod culture that had sprung up around them on the California coast.  When their voices became the sound of that scene, the notes traveled nationwide, then worldwide.  Everybody went surfin’ now, even if it was just on the top of a twin mattress.  


When Pet Sounds became one of the greatest rock albums of all time, it was recorded at Western Recorders on Sunset Blvd. That iconic album cover with the Boys feeding an assortment of goats was shot at the San Diego Zoo.


And when Brian built that infamous sandbox in his living room for his piano, that living room was in Hollywood Hills, and the sand was California sand, to be sure.


Little wonder that the new Beach Boys Box Set (a six CD collection capping their 50th Anniversary) is called Made In California.


But just as the Beach Boys and their legacy were made in California, it’s hard to argue with the notion that The Beach Boys also remade California.


In fact, it seems almost impossible to imagine California without them.


Their words, voices – all of those immortal songs: from teenage through this age – not only did they shape California in the minds of their millions of fans, but also in a very real sense: as great, timeless art like The Beach Boys’ can do.  What is Liverpool without The Beatles? Dublin without Joyce? The Delta without the Blues?  California without the Beach Boys?


God only knows…


For this project, you have the opportunity to bring The Beach Boys’ California to life on film.  Their new Box Set, Made in California includes a previously unreleased cut: “California Feelin’” – and you, Tongal-person, are just the person to make the video that brings it all back home.


If that raises a few goosebumps – and boy we sure hope it does – read on and find out how to join in on the mythmaking!



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