1. Projects post to Tongal.

Tongal works with the Sponsor to define the creative challenge and establish the prize pool. The Tongal community and platform can deliver anything: TV commercials, social videos, music videos, branded entertainment — even product innovations.

2. The Tongal community submits ideas.

Anyone can have a great idea. And great doesn’t mean long. Cluck it out in 140 characters or less.

3. Winning ideas are chosen.

Sponsors pick the ideas they want to see brought to life and the creators who submitted them get paid.

4. Directors pitch on the winning ideas.

Directors select one of the winning ideas and submit their take. Pitch winners are given time and money to crank out their vision.

5. Aim and shoot!

Pitch winners go into production and deliver their finished work by the deadline. Additionally, anyone who wants to submit a video on spec to the competition is invited to create a Wildcard video.

6. The winning videos are selected.

The Sponsor selects the winning videos and determines the final ranking. Winning Directors (including any Wildcards) get paid.

7. Time for the world premiere.

The Sponsor distributes the creative to all the places their audiences gather: TV, web, social, mobile, Jumbotron, smartwatch…anywhere a video can go.

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