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Chelsea DeLorme

Lost in Left Field

posted by Chelsea DeLorme at 4:07PM Apr 16, 2014

HI All, I'm new to Tongal and am wondering about the Left Field submissions... is this truly ANYTHING? How much do you define what you're talking about? Is it an idea or is it also describing the execution of that idea? For example, this one: "Online dating is now mainstream; however, there are still people hesitant to try it. What would you say to get them to jump over the fence and try it?" Are they literally looking for what you would say--like the words, or argument or is this bigger than that? Is it also the how? Are you outlining a whole scenario (that you might see in a video, or done on billboards, etc.). Thanks!

  • Arne Barnard

    Arne Barnard

    In seeming answer to the requests for more than 140 characters, Left Field is downright generous with 500 characters! I am going to take Left Field as a combination "idea/pitch" type of thing.I didn't even use all 500 characters, so, this frees up things a bit!

  • Ingrid V.

    Ingrid V.

    Hi Chelsea! Tongal's Left Field is BRAND NEW. There aren't any established guidelines. It really is about Big Ideas. Remember: You can submit up to 3 different submissions, so feel free to play around with it a bit. Trust your gut! Go big! Submit something crazy!