Category: Technical Issues
Jaime Knoble

Can't Delete Previous Announcements

posted by Jaime Knoble at 4:11PM Aug 21, 2014

I know it might not be a big deal, but I can't delete the daily announcements on the top right corner by the help button. Tried it on both my laptop and my iPad and it works to click on the winning announcements, but they won't delete. Any ideas on why? Thanks!

  • Vin Nucatola

    Vin Nucatola

    Uploading Scripts, Treatments, etc.
    I've downloaded the latest Flash player, hit refresh, and even restated my computer. However, it's still saying that Flash needs to be downloaded, so I still can't upload any materials.
    Any ideas why this could be happening? Thanks in advance!

    Izzy Francke

    Izzy Francke

    Hi Vin, are you referring to the Mystery Sponsor Project that closes on August 22nd 2014. If so, I am able to see on your account page that your submissions went through on the Tongal admin end. If you're not referring to this projects, let me know. I hope this helps!

    4:22PM Aug 21, 2014

  • Jaime Knoble

    Jaime Knoble

    Thanks Izzy!

  • Izzy Francke

    Izzy Francke

    Thank you for pointing this out, our team has identified a solution and there will soon be an update to fix the issue.