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Matthew Reithmayr

Ideas, Pitches, etc...

posted by Matthew Reithmayr at 5:15PM Aug 30, 2014

Sorry if this is answered other places, but can you submit a pitch even if we didn't submit an idea? Conversely, if you do have a winning idea, do you have to submit a pitch?

  • Ervin Anderson

    Ervin Anderson

    You can submit an idea only, if you so choose. And you can submit a pitch without submitting to the idea phase. If you submit a pitch, though, you should be prepared to make the video described in your pitch. If your pitch is not chosen you can still submit a wildcard video in most contests.

  • Vin Nucatola

    Vin Nucatola

    If you're submitting a pitch based on a winning idea, how close exactly does your pitch have to be to that idea?

  • Eunice Otutua

    Eunice Otutua

    What if this is your first time ever submitting a Pitch and do not have any links what so ever what do you do?

    Ingrid Vining

    Ingrid Vining

    Links can be to your previous work on other sites. Any previous work is helpful here. If you don't have any previous work available, you could try submitting a Wildcard. Wildcards are just straight spec videos - they don't receive any production advance but they could win the top prize!

    11:06AM Jul 10, 2013

  • Colton Zarowny

    Colton Zarowny

    when submitting a pitch one box says: Provide links, what do i put int that box?

    Ingrid Vining

    Ingrid Vining

    Hi Colton: The links you provide can be links to your work outside of Tongal. Perhaps your reel or examples of work that you've done that is relevant to the project at hand. Basically, you want to show the Sponsor the quality of work that you can produce.

    9:15AM Jul 08, 2013

  • Petar Gazenov

    Petar Gazenov

    Okay, so I'm very new to Tongal. This is more a after-work hobby for me. Can someone please explain to me what & how the Pitch phase works, I'm soo lost on it, and there is no info about it on Tongal.
    Thanks everyon.

    Ingrid Vining

    Ingrid Vining

    Petar: In the Pitch, you'll tell us how YOU would go about creating your video based on one of the winning Ideas from the previous round. If you win, you'll get a production advance with which to produce your video.

    9:17AM Jul 08, 2013

  • Film Voltage

    Film Voltage

    Well, every project is different, and every phase is different. Take for instance the Lego Factory project. You can submit an idea, but even if your idea doesn't win, you can then pitch on one of the ideas. If you don't win in the pitch phase, you can submit your own wildcard video.

  • David G

    David G

    This also may have been asked already but it seems you can only make a wild card video if your pitch or idea does not win? Meaning I can't make a video according to a winning idea? My only option is to make a wild card video completely seperate then the wins?

    Scott Killinger

    Scott Killinger

    You can make a Wild Card from one of the winning Ideas or your own idea.

    7:41AM May 23, 2013

    Alessandro Machi

    Alessandro Machi

    just credit the source.

    12:51PM Jul 11, 2013

  • Video Collective

    Video Collective

    Are we allowed to have an account that represents two people? My friend Zach and I work together on all of our projects and we wondered if we were allowed to exist like that on Tongal? Or do we need to create two separate accounts?

    Colton Zarowny

    Colton Zarowny

    yes i assume you will be sharing any prize money so yea probably

    9:58PM Jul 07, 2013

  • Stephen Josh Tiu

    Stephen Josh Tiu

    hi. im new to this and i hope you guys go easy on me. lets say if i made a pitch project and it was chosen. Is it mandatory for me to make the video myself? What if i can't make the video but only supplied the pitches or concept? Thanks in advance.

    Patrick R.

    Patrick R.

    Hi Stephen,
    When submitting a pitch you are required to show previous samples of your work proving you are capable of producing the video that you pitched, because if your pitch is chosen you are required to make the video. If you submit an "Idea" and it is chosen you do not have to do anything else

    9:08AM Feb 18, 2013

  • Marqus Bobesich

    Marqus Bobesich

    Just wondering - are we only allowed to pitch projects based on the winning ideas? Or can we come up with something completely different?

    Patrick R.

    Patrick R.

    Hi Marques,
    Yes, pitches must be based on a winning idea. If you want to come up with something completely different you can submit a "wild card" during the video phase but only if the project allows for wild card submissions to be submitted.

    9:03AM Feb 14, 2013

  • Tieuel Legacy

    Tieuel Legacy

    Does Hill's Big Yummy, Little Tummy Pet food happen to work for other animals such as rabbits? Long shot but figured I'd ask.

    Caleb Light-Wills

    Caleb Light-Wills

    The Hills project pertains exclusively to Cats and Dogs, but thanks for checking.

    9:03AM Feb 13, 2013

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