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Matt Stark

Wild Card

posted by Matt Stark at 3:03PM Jul 11, 2014

Hello Tongal's I'm new one and maybe i can't find the proper information. I don't understand the Wild Card idea. For instance in "What Does LEGO Mean To You". I didn't add any IDEA and PITCH so can i submit a video or not ?

  • Julie Clarke

    Julie Clarke

    This is for the Bob Marley project byt he way

  • Julie Clarke

    Julie Clarke

    Hey! Am typing in the dark in yet another Egyptian power cut so please forgive any typos. If we have not been awarded a prize for the initial idea phase can we still submit a pitch and be consdiered>

  • Kinneth Bell

    Kinneth Bell

    Hello I'm a newby and I'm looking at the home page just wondering if the contest has evaluation under it does that mean it's closed to any other entries.? if not please explain what that phase means. Also if i missed the idea and pitch phase can i just submit in the video phase.

  • Jocelyn Motter

    Jocelyn Motter

    Eligibility question. We want to submit a short doc for the sundance project. Our film is based on a trip I took with students 2 Thailand. I was NOT paid to make it. But the project the students worked on in Thailand was funded by the Gates Foundation. Does that disqualify us from entering

  • Lynda Masterson

    Lynda Masterson

    I am super creative when it comes to ideas but..... I do not have this crazy video thingy down yet. Can I pitch an idea on a video project phase and not produce a video on the video phase?

    Ingrid Vining

    Ingrid Vining

    Hi Lynda, if you don't make Videos, you should stick to written phases -- Ideas, Stories, etc. When you submit to the Pitch phase, you are saying you would execute that Video.

    9:05AM Jun 10, 2014

  • Karina Paola Bellina

    Karina Paola Bellina

    I can still participate in phase 1: idea

    Erin Fredman

    Erin Fredman

    The Idea phase has ended on Pringles. If you not only have good Ideas, but are also a filmmaker: Once we announce the winning Ideas, you can view them, get inspired by them, & submit your Pitches on them (including a link to your previous work). Check back daily for more projects in the Idea phase!

    9:03AM Dec 05, 2012

  • Matt Stark

    Matt Stark


  • Caleb Light-Wills

    Caleb Light-Wills

    Yes, you can still submit a video. "Wildcard" simply means you can still submit a video if you didn't win in the pitch phase.